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23 November 2021 By Victoria Tomlinson

Happy Retirement  Workshop  Blog  Unretirement  Purpose  Retirement  Retirement Planning  pre-retirement  listening

What should I tell my wife? (or husband/partner/best friend ….)

We recently ran a fantastic two-day workshop for partners coming up to retirement, in an international professional firm.

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21 September 2021 By Victoria Tomlinson

Non-Executive Roles  Trustees  Retirement  professional firms  CV  NED  Headhunters

Increase your chances of a NED or chair role

Well what an experience! Earlier this month we sent out our enewsletter and mentioned we are helping a manufacturing company to find a chairman.

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3 August 2021 By Victoria Tomlinson

Unretirement  LinkedIn  PersonalBranding

Who am I? The hardest part of unretirement?

Of all the challenges people face as they retire, the hardest and least expected is – who am I?

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29 June 2021 By Victoria Tomlinson

Happy Retirement  Unretirement

Your top questions on retirement – that you dare not ask?

We are working with a number of professional firms, helping partners plan for their retirement. Some can be as far as ten years off, most just one or two years away.

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28 April 2021 By Guest writer Michael Wall

Networking  LinkedIn  Non-Executive Roles  HRdirectors  Leadership

The cacophony that is LinkedIn and how to navigate the ‘LinkedIn arms’

Do you still remember the days when you were able to go to the pub? Remember those times when the pub was absolutely packed – barely enough room to stand, ten deep at the bar, almost impossible to move around and there was some big sports event on the multi-screens; say a big international football game or a rugby match?

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22 April 2021 By Victoria Tomlinson

Unretirement  Health and wellbeing

'A life lived well’ – lessons for anyone over 50 from HRH Prince Philip

Active, interested and interesting into his late 90s, HRH Prince Philip lived a life that many aged over 50 would like to emulate. And not much of it was to do with his privileged background – in many ways he had to work harder than most to carve out a role, both through his life and as he aged.

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10 February 2021 By Victoria Tomlinson

Unretirement  Retirement Planning  newsletter

Online workshops - great success & our new podcast

1. Online workshops - great success

 We have a busy spring ahead, running online programmes for partners coming up to retirement at legal and accountancy firms .

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13 January 2021 By Guest writer Oliver Cummings

Non-Executive Roles  NED  diversity  boardmembers

Hiring trends of non-executive directors – corporate, private equity, SME, startup and not-for-profit

 What were the non-executive hiring trends of 2020? And will these continue into 2021?

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9 November 2020 By Victoria Tomlinson

Blog  Unretirement  Networking  Skills  Retirement

Seven strategies to direct your unretirement

The phrase of this year has been ‘to pivot’ – along with ‘unprecedented’. And it struck me, pivoting is essentially what people have to do in unretirement. Change direction, try new things, be prepared for some to work and others not to (I am avoiding the word fail here – everything you try will help build a picture for the future).

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