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27 March 2015 By Northern Lights

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 Victoria Tomlinson


What makes a great presentation?

We seem to have spent the last month helping business leaders deliver great presentations – in both the UK and the UAE.  It is amazing how many seriously successful people still dread these!

Here are our tips on giving a great presentation

  1. What do you want to achieve?

When we ask what a presentation is for, invariably leaders say ‘to share information’ or similar.  No.  Don’t you want something to happen as a result of your presentation?  New business, employees to change their behaviour, people to trust you for a new partnership? Start with what you want to happen and then work back, step by step, what people need to know or believe in order to change.  That is your presentation.

  1. Stories not PowerPoint

A presentation is to bring the written document or proposal to life, not re-present it.  Use picture stories so people can relate to the theory.  The two best words in a presentation are ‘for example….’.  Tell the story of a client who had a problem and how you helped.  Or a community group that was transformed.

  1. Images not essays

Some of the slides we’ve seen in the last weeks are unbelievable.  You would struggle to read them as a print-out, let alone on screen.  If you do use Powerpoint, use as many images as possible to make the points visual.  And remember the ‘six point rule’ – when you do use words, no more than six bullet points and six words per bullet point on any one slide.

If you want more inside secrets on how to deliver a winning presentation, join our Presentation skills workshop on 15 April from 9.30 – 12.30.


How to write blogs and content that Google will love

Even the most traditional of firms now recognise that being found on Google is important. You don’t have to pay for traditional SEO (search engine optimisation) to come top of Google searches – writing great content on your website can also do the trick.

You will have a wealth of knowledge, research, ideas and tips in your business – how can you use these on your website and blogs?  And come top of Google in the process?

Learn how to use your expertise to engage your clients, win business and be found on Google in our Blogging and writing online content workshop on 14 May from 9.30 – 16.30.


Northern Lights to launch new research and share insights at PM Forum

How are professional firms using social media? Is it winning them business? What are the challenges for getting to the top of Google? How do you win over the sceptics in your firm?

At the next PM Forum, Northern Lights will answer these questions and publish the findings of their new research into how professional firms are using digital channels to generate new business and build relationships. Crucially, we’ll also share how firms are encouraging fee earners to embrace new channels and use them to build lucrative relationships.

At the event, guests will hear insights from more than 30 interviews with leading professionals, hear expert tips into how you can do the same and get the chance to quiz some of the top performing firms.

For more information or to sign up for a place at the event on Wednesday, April 29, at Irwin Mitchell in Leeds, click here.

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