5 top secrets to win business from LinkedIn

11 September 2013 By Northern Lights

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Drinks with Yorkshire Enterprise Network (YEN) will be held on Thursday 12th September 2013 from 4 pm to 6 pm at Cedar Court Hotel, Mayo Avenue, Rooley Lane, Bradford, BD5 8HW, just after the Bradford Business Conference finishes.

Victoria Tomlinson a BBC expert woman on social media, business and education, Victoria is a speaker and trainer in strategic B2B social media and has written a number of ebooks on how to apply social media – for businesses will be speaking on the night about Blogging and LinkedIn to win business.

If you are interested in joining YEN for this event please register here: http://www.yorkshirenetwork.co.uk/event/drinks-with-yen-at-cedar-court-hotel/

5 top secrets to win business from LinkedIn

No wonder so many business leaders are still sceptical about social media – most still don’t really understand how it works or use it strategically.

I have trained and worked with more than 1500 business people on social media in the last few years – and when I ask for a show of hands about LinkedIn, fewer than 10% know about, let alone use Advanced Search.

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