A testimonial: ‘remorphing’ your career path after retirement

22 October 2018 By Next-Up

A testimonial: ‘remorphing’ your career path after retirement image

What does Next-Up do? Here, one of our clients explains how it has changed her life…

“A magical new chapter? They said retirement was joyous – a time of endless coffee breaks, leisure time to die for, Homes Under the Hammer, A Place in the Sun, Judge Rinder and endless lie-ins. How wrong could they have been. There’s a lot more to a successful career than money.

And so, after six months of ‘retirement’ I found myself at Next-Up. Pleading for a lifeline.

I had been naive in thinking that giving up a lifetime’s career and the camaraderie, structure, self esteem and purpose that came with it was the right thing to do. How wrong could I have been. Yes, the first three months I had basked in doing all those odd jobs, finally going to the gym and being the envy of my friends. But how on earth was I going to spend the rest of my time, particularly living alone?

I pulled up at Next-Up feeling sceptical. Next-Up? Up what? What-Up? 

But Next-Up was a breath of fresh air. Warm, welcoming and very perceptive. I was quickly at ease. Within minutes they had me sussed through a skilled combination of listening, understanding and lifelong experience. Within hours I had new opportunities waiting to happen. My self worth intact, a renewed purpose and way forward beyond retirement and A Place in the Sun… remorphing, not retiring seemed a much better proposition. 

After two hours, I sailed home a different person. Lifelines had been thrown, direct coaching was my new medicine and it really had begun to feel like a magical new chapter might have begun.”

If you want to make this a magical chapter for your life, contact us. We’d love to help you get to the same place!

The Next-Up conference on the 20 November matches experienced professionals who have left corporate life with tech entrepreneurs who would benefit from their skills and experience. Why not come along and find out what you have to offer after retirement?

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Written by Next-Up

Next-Up helps anyone over 50 who doesn’t want another mainstream job. We support organisations with a range of services for employees/partners as well as individuals themselves. A key part of our role is to inspire people with ideas and contacts, beyond traditional expectations.

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