Are you a blagger or a blogger?

27 July 2011 By Northern Lights

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Farrah-2by Farrah Khan, Intern at Northern Lights PR

Do you write blogs or are you really just blagging it? On the Northern Lights internship we learnt that successful blogging is about more than just telling the world what you think.

1. Why should you blog?

The purpose of blogging is to give your brand/organisation a face or a personality which your audiences can relate to. However complicated or specific your subject matter, it needs to be in a language that anyone can understand and engage with – but should still be well written, good quality content. Understanding your audience and using keywords that they will search for will push your blog up search engine rankings.

2. Why don’t blogs work?

As part of a workshop at Tinderbox I was given the case of ‘Penelope the PR Supremo’. She had a blog but she gave up with it. A number of things could have gone wrong

  • It didn’t feel natural because there was no personality coming through in the blogs
  • This meant she rarely updated it
  • The blogs were more like stories than conversation and didn’t invite comments with a question
  • The titles used didn’t grab attention so no-one was finding/reading them

3. The ending of a blog is as important as the start

I have learned that an ending is just important as the beginning as it keeps the reader engaged if you end with a question or a view that can be challenged. But is there ever a right answer when it comes to blogging? I don’t think there is because at the end of the day a blog is one person’s opinion against another’s. It’s not always fact.

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Written by Northern Lights


  • Good points, well made Farrah, I shall take them to heart when updating x2 new ones I have just started.
    The one above and – soon to start…

  • That was a good read Farrah with some interesting points. It is nice to see you are using the advice given during the internship and trying to apply it.

    Very happy that the internship went on for another year so Northern Lights can help new grads with some valuable insights and also enhance your employability. I know first hand that it was valuable experience for me and I hope it is the same case for you.

    All the best


  • Thanks Annie, I hope they do you justice ! I couldn’t have done it without being given the opportunity by Victoria. I think everything I learned will still help me in so many ways and will open up opportunities which I previously I wouldn’t have had the chance at.
    I agree with you Waheed it was definitely worth while and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, any age


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