Do you know an entrepreneur to join one of our workshops?

24 August 2023 By Sandy

Do you know an entrepreneur to join one of our workshops? image

Next-Up runs workshops for pre-retirement partners in professional firms. As part of this, we invite half a dozen entrepreneurs to discuss a challenge with a small group of partners. It’s all free and includes lunch.

Do you know any entrepreneurs who might like to join one of these workshops?

You can see what other entrepreneurs have got from previous sessions.

The workshops are usually in London, but occasionally take place in other areas, such as Dublin. The session is an hour long, before lunch, followed by networking with everyone over lunch.

Entrepreneurs say it helps them in some of these ways

  • Being able to talk to someone honestly, who isn’t a client, employee or investor, and doesn’t have an agenda
  • Trying to decide between priorities
  • Weighing up diversifying or expanding – what could be the risks?
  • And practising investor pitches – what is working and what is worrying those listening?

If you are interested, Next-Up will contact you, agree a challenge and write up a briefing to share with the partners for discussion. Also agree information on the individual and business so they know the background.

The partners make new contacts and really appreciate meeting entrepreneurs who inspire them and give them ideas as to how they can help others when they retire.

It’s a real win:win for everyone involved!

Fill in the contact form below if you would like to register your interest in joining one of these sessions.

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Are you an entrepreneur who would like to be mentored?

If yes, please leave some details here. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure at this stage – we can help you decide on a challenge to discuss.
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