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8 April 2014 By Northern Lights

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Ben PindarFormer editor joins Northern Lights

Former Insider deputy editor Ben Pindar has joined Northern Lights as Communications Director, bringing with him almost two decades of experience from across the media industry.

A former magazine and newspaper editor, Ben is a keen news hound and has worked at every level of the media industry while also launching a national public relations service and spearheading his own newspaper publishing business.

He says: “Northern Lights is a PR agency with a difference. Unlike so many others, they work hard to understand a company’s strategy and then help to grow and develop it so business owners see genuine returns.

“It’s all about creating revenue, not just generating publicity and that’s why I joined. This is a real opportunity to help deliver genuine business growth.”

You can read some more on Ben here

Looking back on his time as Insider’s deputy editor, Ben has also shared the secrets of business success from the hundreds of top entrepreneurs he interviewed over the years.

Key tips include being confident and fearless, investing for growth, exporting to foreign shores and also looking to your own workforce for ideas and opportunities. For more, read his blog

press, newspaper, journalist, articleA journalist’s insight into media relations

The media industry has undergone seismic changes in recent years but the value of a good news story and the benefits it can have on a business remain the same.

Expert advice and guidance is crucial for successful media relations and former journalist Ben Pindar shares his insights on the potential pitfalls of approaching the press.

The blog shares insights into the rapidly changing media world where costs pressures are having a dramatic impact on the role of journalists. It also offers tips on writing press releases, building relationships with reporters and understanding the value of a story.

To read more about media relations click here. If you would like advice, guidance and support in your communications strategy, contact Ben.

typing-296047_1920The Importance of Copywriting for Businesses

In a world of online research where customers have usually decided whether or not to buy before you even walk through the door, the value of quality copywriting cannot be underestimated.

In most instances today, the first point of contact for any customer is your website, social media feed or online brochures. First impressions count and it is crucial that the information about your business is concise, clear and compelling.

Every piece of written material, including websites, brochures and leaflets, sales letters and proposals, blogs, press releases and adverts, has to perfectly convey your brand and help to generate new business.

Northern Lights has more than 20 years of communications experience and can help to ensure your written material helps to drive customers to your door. For more about how we can help you, contact chief executive Victoria Tomlinson.

business, the wordBusiness support packages

Social Media Training

Bespoke courses to demonstrate the benefits of social media, how to use it effectively, manage the risks and, most importantly, target and win new business from it.

Media Training for Business Leaders

Learn how to explain complex subjects in simple language; storytelling; interview skills; dress and behaviour and how to effectively manage media relations. Useful for communications, even if you aren’t in the media eye.

Managing Mergers & Acquisitions

Most mergers fail because of internal wrangling and not getting synergy out of the deal. We can help you focus on the customer to ensure success – and deliver the results you predicted.

Make the most of events

Northern Lights can help to design and create engaging events for senior people to help you target key clients and then provide contacts, publicity and post-event coverage to maximise the outcome.

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