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25 November 2010 By Northern Lights

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Foursquare-logoby Dr Mark Van Hoorebeek

The Director of Studies for Business Studies and Law at Bradford School of Management, and fulfils lead roles in both the Bradford University Innocence Project and Student Law Society.

Social networking and locational teaching

Foursquare has partnered with twenty US universities to launch the Foursquare For Universities initiative, the foursquare site outlines that:

Foursquare for universities helps students, alumni, and staff connect with each other, find new and interesting things to do, and earn rewards for exploring their campus and nearby areas. We combine a communication platform and a campus guidebook to create a fun experience for our users; students earn points, win ‘Mayorships’ and unlock badges for checking in to places and trying out new activities on campus.

Harvard and Stanford have already bought into this project and in general terms the relationship could be win-win with the various services provided to students being promoted. There are also significant opportunities to move away from the check in and then what I am doing tweet-esque updates i.e. “Mark is eating.” There is a potential for an augmented reality learning grid to be created; a place where students and instructors share in an easy, social, “knowledge-aware” way.


Wish you were more aware of all the incredible learning experiences around you? With 4squarEd, you can unlock your learning and find happiness. You will need 4squarEd, a mobile device, and a passion for education.

Step 1: Download the 4squarEd application to your mobile device, and instantly connect with your library account, your institutional LMS, your ePortfolio, your social networks, registrarial services and more! Connect with your classmates and other learners within and outside of your institution to see what they’re learning. Build your Personal Learning Network (PLN).

Step 2: Tell your friends what you’re studying, what you’re learning and what you want to learn by checking in to one of the learning activities you’re institution’s 4squarEd lists, based on your current courses. Leave tips and resources for other learners. If the learning activity isn’t listed, you can add it to 4squarEd.Step 6: Use 4squarEd wherever you go: in museums, on your co-op placement, with your extra-curricular club or while you’re volunteering. You never know when you’ll come upon a little piece of learning!”

Step 3: Check out tips from your friends in your PLN and others outside it. Find recommendations for resources and suggestions for other activities.

Step 4: The more you use 4squarEd the more you’ll get out of it. Capture your activities, unlock learning objectives and earn points towards competencies based on what you’re learning. Check out stats at 4squarEd!

Step 5: Check-in frequently to become a mentor for a learning activity or competency.

Following on from these themes I came across an interesting talk on TED, whereby the game aspect of motivation and influencing behaviour was looked at.  Now how am I going to use this in teaching….

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  • I was in London at the weekend where I noticed that Foursquare really seems to have taken off with a number of shops, bars, restaurants and museums announcing special offers on Foursquare. I am sure that many UK universities will be watching this American project with interest.

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