Get tweeting if you want to get ahead

26 October 2011 By Northern Lights

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Carol Lewis from The Times wrote an article on Twitter in Wednesday’s paper (26 October) and says that businesses who are not using Twitter might be missing a trick. “Internet savvy businesses are using social media for everything from direct sales and customer services to product development and recruitment”.

She quotes Victoria Tomlinson, chief executive of Northern Lights, who talks about the importance of having a social media strategy, which joins up activity on the web with more traditional marketing and public relations.

“It should involve the whole team including management – and not just be delegated to the office junior with a Facebook account. “You have to be prepared to invest a bit of time. ” You also need to think strategically about how often you post and where.” she said.

She also advised against “shouting – ‘look at our offer’, ‘look at our product’ etc. If someone just talks about themselves it is a real turn off. People engage with people not products.”

She advised creating a blog and linking to it on social media sites.

Other commentators in the article agreed with her.

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