How do I get my business found on Google?

22 July 2015 By Northern Lights

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Customer questions are key when it comes to improving your Google search ranking and creating content for your website and social media channels. This latest video blog (vlog) from Northern Lights communications director Ben Pindar is in response to a question he’s faced on numerous occasions.

Our recent research into how professional service firms are winning business online has sparked multiple conversations and one firm in particular took issue with the rankings. Despite having arguably one of the strongest social media communities, it failed to rank highly in the table because that activity wasn’t translating into search results.

This is because their content isn’t focussed on the search terms people are using. We’ve written before about thinking like a search engine, but it all comes down to listening to the questions your customers are asking and then making sure you answer them with content on your website and through your social media channels.

By answering these questions and being generous with your insights and experiences, you demonstrate your expertise, get found on Google and win new business.

In the video Ben explains more and if you have any other thoughts to add, please share them in the comments below.

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