How to use LinkedIn to open up your unretirement options

15 May 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson

How to use LinkedIn to open up your unretirement options image

Imagine you meet someone in a completely new professional field who doesn’t know you. You have a good conversation, email each other, send your CV. What is the first thing this other person will do? Do a Google search. What would you like them to find?

I recently spent an hour with a lovely person who is 53 – let’s call him Mike. He is looking for a new job, a City finance role, and also has ideas for a business. I was helping him look at options and reinvigorate his thoughts about next steps.

What surprised me was that he had never thought about using LinkedIn in all this.

If you are looking for another role – trustee or non-executive director positions – or thinking about a new venture, here are a few ways to use LinkedIn.

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Written by Victoria Tomlinson

Victoria Tomlinson is chief executive and founder of Next-Up. Next-Up supports employers with a range of services for directors, partners and employees to help them understand the impact of retirement on mental health and create a plan to use their skills and experience in new ways to ensure wellbeing. A key part of our role is to inspire people with ideas and contacts, beyond traditional expectations. A former director of EY, she is an international speaker on unretirement, personal branding and using LinkedIn strategically as well as on leadership and women on boards. She mentors chief executives and directors, start-up businesses and ex-offenders. Victoria is Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University and chaired an advisory board for University of Leeds.

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