How today’s entrepreneurs tweet to woo customers

27 October 2011 By Northern Lights

How today’s entrepreneurs tweet to woo customers image

Business cards and brochures are old hat; the cyber-network rules, says Carol Lewis from The Times in an article in today’s paper (27 October).

She quotes Victoria Tomlinson, chief executive of Northern Lights, who uses a blog to offer tips, advice and content wich might be of interest to clients. She then links to this in her tweets: “I hope that this gives us some personality as well as offering an insight in to how we work.

“LinkedIn is hugely useful and we make an effort to join groups and answer relevant questions. I find I can contact someone and build a relationship quicker via LinkedIn than e-mail. Somehow the conversation is more intimate.”

The same can be true on Twitter where a presence can pay off in unforeseen ways. Ms Tomlinson’s business has just forged a new partnership with an IT consultant thanks to its Twitter profile.

“He found us because he was looking for a business in Harrogate which was on Twitter with an expertise in social media and a ‘Klout’ score of more than 30. We connected on LinkedIn and then met up. It doesn’t replace the old world but it is a quick way of sussing people out. It took just three weeks to sign a deal.”

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