Leeds youth groups offer key to university success

23 May 2011 By Northern Lights

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Leeds youth groups are helping York St John University show 16 and 17 year olds how their involvement in sport, performing arts and faith groups can help them with their careers and secure a place at university.

A series of events across the region for more than 300 young people will give students tips for using out of school activities to strengthen university applications.

Professor David Fleming, Vice Chancellor of York St John University said:

“Academic success is very important but young people often overlook the skills gained from out of school activities that help them to stand out. Despite fee increases there will be high competition for university places next year and we expect many applications for each place.

“Five key qualities that universities and employers look for in their recruits are initiative, team-work, organisation, passion and effective communication.

“A student who helps their local theatre group with stage design can demonstrate these skills. Of course academic achievement is a requirement but someone who gets up every Saturday to help others regardless of the weather demonstrates to us that they have the determination and right attitude to succeed at university.”

Nigel Harrison, Director of West Yorkshire Sport, the organisation tasked with coordinating sport across the county added: “Many young people who play sport for fun or help out in their local club don’t realise just how impressive these things are to employers and admissions staff.

“Playing team sports is a great way of showing you can work together in groups and demonstrates the drive to succeed. Solo sports too reveal personal strengths of character and integrity that can really make a difference and those willing to volunteer to help others have never been more important or valued.”

The Leeds event is at Northern Ballet on Wednesday 29June from 5pm to 7pm.  The workshop will show students how to turn their skills and achievements into strong UCAS applications and CVs.

For more information on the event and details on how to book a free place, as well as tips on how to make your university application stand out, visit www.yorksj.ac.uk/standout

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