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31 July 2012 By Northern Lights

Monthly Newsletter – Do you know a student or graduate who is job hunting? image

Our latest eBook, From Student to Salary with Social Media, shows students, academics, careers advisers and parents how to use social media to get a job. This practical guide is packed with tips, case studies and views from students, headhunters and employers.

It also includes a warning for students – employers do look at what they find on Google and unprofessional profiles can lose the job. Students need to clean up their personal digital footprints.

Claire Morley-Jones, managing director of HR180, recruits on behalf of her clients. She says: “We do use social media to find candidates and our clients might check out digital profiles as part of the shortlisting process. 

“These reflect poorly on any candidate, demonstrating lack of confidentiality, judgement, respect for their own friends and empathy – along with poor team work.”

The eBook shows how to target and build relationships with employers online as well as create LinkedIn profiles with keywords that will be found on Google searches. Blogs are a key way to demonstrate expertise and passion for a particular career path.

Asad Ali, partner at Blacks Solicitors, agrees with the tips on how to build a relationship with a potential employer through Twitter: “For any business that is serious about social media, it’s really hard to ignore someone who is interested in you and your firm, wishes you good luck, asks how an event went.”

You can buy the eBook for £1.02 from Amazon or buy through our Facebook page.


Use LinkedIn to target new business – and jobs

When writing our eBook for students, we tested out the content on numerous employers. Many came back to say they found the tips on LinkedIn and Twitter particularly useful – for themselves!

Here are the top tips

  • Build up a quality network of connections to people – the important thing on LinkedIn is not your first connections, but who these people know
  • Never use the template invitation to connect on LinkedIn – it is about building relationships and explaining why you would like to connect. Don’t assume people know you or why you should connect.
  • Do a personal message to everyone you send an invitation to – it is part of the relationship process
  • Use LinkedIn updates to send out quality information to your network – this will remind people you are there and help you to stay in touch with your networks in a non-pushy way
  • Use Twitter strategically – follow people who you want relationships with. Get to know what they tweet about and their style, then start engaging with them and build the relationship
  • Take your target list of dream clients.
  • Go to Advanced Search on LinkedIn and see who you know in those companies.
  • Use your network to gather market information and ask for introductions

We run workshops for you and colleagues on how to use LinkedIn to win business. Contact us on 01423 562400 or


Employability workshops for academics and students

We have developed workshops for students and their academics, teachers and careers advisers.

These cover

  • LinkedIn to be found by and to target employers
  • Writing and promoting a blog
  • Setting up and using Twitter strategically
  • How to network with employers

Contact us for more information – all workshops will include a free eBook for each participant attending. Contact us to discuss prices for bulk purchases.


Income for your business while you sleep!

eBooks are a great way to promote the expertise in your business – and can generate income while you are sleeping!

Call us on 01423 562400 if you want to discuss the best eBook topics for your business. We can research, write, produce and help you with uploading eBooks for you to Kindle, and sell through Facebook.

Have a look at our range of services to shape and develop communications strategies.


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