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10 February 2015 By Northern Lights

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Blogging and writing online content workshop – includes lunch & refreshments

14 May 2015

Full day workshop with a prompt  9.30am start

Research shows that blogs can increase traffic to your website from search engines by 434%. Put simply, blogs are the best tool for generating new leads for your business.

This full-day course is practical and interactive and will help you develop key blogging skills as well as providing inspiration and ideas for blog content.

Northern Lights is a leading blogging expert and has produced a best-selling book on blogging. In the workshop you will learn our insider secrets for using your blog to get to the top of Google searches – and how to use the blog to win business and engage with key targets.

This course is designed for novices and experienced bloggers who want to increase traffic and engagement to their blog. In the session you will learn what needs to be included in a blog, create a plan for using a blog strategically within your business and then shape ideas around what you want to write about.

Ultimately, this session will help you to create a blog that will become one of the biggest generators of new business leads for your business.

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Blogging and writing online content workshop


Presentation skills workshop

15 April 2015

Half day workshop  9.30 -12.30

First impressions count and in business, a first impression can make or break a deal.  This workshop ­­will ensure you deliver maximum impact in business pitches, meetings, seminars and even networking events.

The secret to giving a great presentation and making an impression is to focus on your audience, not yourself.

This workshop will show you how to research your customers and use these insights to win over your audience.  It will help you build confidence and offer unique insights what information to include, what will reassure and convince, how to make the pitch interactive, contain surprises and make you stand out.

Including practical and interactive examples, the session will look at presenting without materials, using powerpoint and props, build interaction with your audience, handling questions and concerns and summing up with impact.

Presentations are now an integral part of business life, whether it’s to your own team or an auditorium full of people, and this workshop will ensure you can face the challenge confidently, while also leaving a lasting and positive impression on those you speak to.

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Presentation skills workshop

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