Offering businesses a helping hand during the Covid-19 crisis

6 April 2020 By Guest writer Jonny Ross

Offering businesses a helping hand during the Covid-19 crisis image

There are always rays of light even in challenging times. It is fantastic to see so many mentors signing up for Next-Up’s 500 mentors campaign, supported by Leeds City Council.

And I wanted to share another initiative from a group of Yorkshire leaders from various fields who simply want to make a difference and provide a helping hand in the COVID-19 crisis.

It is amazing to see how much support there is out there – everyone seems to want to help each other on a personal level, lots of people are volunteering to help the vulnerable in society and businesses offering to help each other to get through these tough times.

The Yorkshire business leaders have set up a Business Support Group on Facebook to offer a free support network for any organisation that needs advice and guidance throughout the crisis. They will also be hosting live Q&As along the way which will cover everything from IT and Cloud, to communications, Finance, HR, Employment Law and more.

I would like to urge businesses in Yorkshire to get involved, ask questions and give answers – we’re all in this together and by working together we can make a difference, and help keep the Yorkshire economy strong throughout the crisis.

Between us all, along with the Next-Up mentoring platform with 90 already signed up, we can all help each other. These experienced business people can help businesses and/or entrepreneurs get perspective, talk through things in a logical way with someone independent and use their skills, experience and contacts to help people make good decisions.

So, a call out to all Yorkshire businesses and entrepreneurs if you think you could use a mentor sign up now and get free mentoring over three months to help you through the current crisis.

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Written by Guest writer Jonny Ross

Jonny Ross is a Digital Strategist with Fleek Marketing, and is an SEO, digital marketing and social media expert.

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