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4 October 2018 By Guest writer Jonny Ross

Blog  Skills  Conference  Non-Executive Roles

Why all non-executive directors need to be strong digital leaders

Non-executive directors need to understand digital or they will fail the companies they serve. In this blog, Digital Strategist Jonny Ross from Fleek Marketing explains why he believes retirement is the perfect time to get digital.

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2 October 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson

Happy Retirement  Blog  Conference  LinkedIn

What advice would you give to the Archbishop of York as he ‘retires’?

I have just been on BBC Radio York commenting on retirement (or unretirement as we prefer to call it!) following the announcement yesterday that the Archbishop of York will retire in 2020, a few days before he is 71.

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21 September 2018 By Next-Up

News  Conference

Tech entrepreneurs look to experienced generation for skills exchange

TheBusinessDesk Yorkshire published an article on Thursday 20 September regarding the one-day Next-Up conference. 


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11 September 2018 By Guest writer Judy Atchison

Non-Executive Roles

Is a non-executive director role right for you? Is it the holy grail?

Retirement is no longer what it was. As we are all fitter and more active for longer, so we want more from life after an executive career. There is almost an expectation that as you step down from your chief executive, director or partner responsibilities, a non-executive director role awaits you.

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7 September 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson

Purpose  Boredom in Retirement

Facing boredom in retirement? Let’s get some imagination

I met a partner at one of the Big Four the other day and he reinforced something we are seeing time and again at Next-Up, the lack of imagination around what people can do after they ‘retire’ or at least leave their professional or corporate life. We think this issue could be key to boredom in retirement.

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5 September 2018 By Next-Up

News  Unretirement

Refusing to go quietly. Meet the 'unretirement' pioneer

Silver Magazine is at the beating heart of the 50+ generation. Continuing their series on facing down retirement, they spoke to Victoria Tomlinson, founder of Next-Up, to delve deeper into how second-lifers are refusing to go quietly.

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4 September 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson

Unretirement  Purpose

Is it time to retire retirement?

Earlier this month, one of our new members sent me a link to a great Radio 4 programme about alternative retirement planning, or rather, “unretirement”.  She thought it was rather amusing – we had just been talking about how she has no plans to retire and wants help to achieve her next ambitions.  And then on the radio driving home, a programme looks at all the issues we had been discussing! 

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28 August 2018 By Guest writer Alison Maitland

Blog  Unretirement

Realising your dreams in ‘unretirement’

When I decided to leave the Financial Times after 20 years, an older friend asked: ‘So you’re retiring then?’ I was in my early 50s and the question shocked me. Retirement? Not likely. I was raring to go.

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21 August 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson


Finding new purpose: who wants your skills after retirement?

Retirement. It’s a very odd word. And what does it really mean any more?  Increasingly people expect to stay active and using their skills after working life – but how do you do this and who needs those skills? 

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