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16 August 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson

Unretirement  Skills

We're not retired – but what are we? Unretired? Second Acts? OWLs?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already come to the conclusion that retirement is an outdated concept.

The Economist has a brilliant article looking at what you call this generation.

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10 August 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson

Unretirement  Skills  Conference

Getting #ConnectED in un-retirement -retirement planning for those who want to use their skills to make a difference

Victoria from Next-Up would love to share this blog from Lucy Rimmington, founder braveteaching, the Airbnb of teacher training. Lucy is also a confirmed guest speaker at the Next-Up conference in November.

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9 August 2018 By Guest writer Sue Tyrer

Non-Executive Roles

5 new challenges for a non-executive director

Being a non-executive director is no longer a part-time occupation. For those thinking about a non-executive portfolio as a wind-down activity after retirement, they would do well to read the latest Guidance on Board Effectiveness, issued by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) in July 2018.

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24 July 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson

Unretirement  Retirement Income

Retirement income (or unretirement) adds £9 billion to the UK economy

If you’re choosing to continue working, whether driven by retirement income or other factors, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re bang on trend.

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17 July 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson

Unretirement  Skills

The best retirement advice? Be open to change

One of the biggest issues that the newly retired people we speak to have is a perceived lack of identity. They spend a lot of time talking about their last job and “former” career. So what’s the best retirement advice for them?

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10 July 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson


Do you need to talk about retirement with your parents? Here’s how

Are you worried about one or both of your parents if they are about to retire – or have just retired and it's not going well?

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21 June 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson


Expertise is ageless – apply your skills in an encore career

Starting a new career after retirement - or in 'unretirement' - is a great opportunity to make the most of your lifetime of skills and contacts. The expertise you’ve been building up is ageless and now is the time to capitalise. American author Marci Alboher in this article about encore careers says: “Encore jobs tend to leverage the kinds of qualities that deepen with age.”

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19 June 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson

Blog  Skills

Creating a webinar that people want to watch

One of the ways to pass on your skills in unretirement, is to create webinars – typically these range from 8 minutes to 90 minutes.  You can offer them free or charge for people to view them.

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17 June 2018 By Victoria Tomlinson

Blog  Networking  Skills  LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn to find new roles and win business

The other day I sat on a train and watched a masterclass in how to build relations and win business using LinkedIn.

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