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18 November 2019 By Next-Up

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Next-Up organised an inspirational workshop for partners coming up to retirement. Part of this was mentoring tech entrepreneurs – hear this next generation say how it helped them. And what did the partners think?  One said, “Our country is in safe hands with these young people” and another said “I am going to help this entrepreneur – I can learn more from her than I will be able to help.”

Within 48 hours the partners were following up with introductions, further meetings and helping the next generation.  Thanks to the entrepreneurs who took part

Heather Delaney, Founder, Gallium Ventures

James Perry, Head of Client Delivery, Bud

Louisa Plint, MD, Doer Recruitment Ltd

Paul Usher, Curriculum Director, Developing Experts

Rupert Baker, Founder, SharedGoals

Sarah Larby, Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Water Club

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Written by Next-Up

Next-Up helps anyone over 50 who doesn’t want another mainstream job. We support organisations with a range of services for employees/partners as well as individuals themselves. A key part of our role is to inspire people with ideas and contacts, beyond traditional expectations.

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