Ten top tips for Google+ – Part Two

2 December 2014 By Northern Lights

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donkey-156767_640In part one of the ten top tips for Goole+ blog I talked about the unstoppable rise of Google+ and why every business should now be using it to improve their online profile.

The blog looked at why Google+ is a powerful tool in ensuring you get to the top of Google’s search rankings, why it could become the one-stop shop for all your social media needs and how it can used to quickly grow your network and customer reach.

Other insights centred on how to make your posts stand-out using formatting tricks and interactive options and I also outlined the benefits of the Google Hangouts video platform.

In the final part of this blog, I dig deeper into how to make the most of the platform and how you can use it more effectively to communicate with your target audience.

Most importantly, I reveal why I believe Google+ will become the world’s biggest social media platform and why you should get involved now.

  1. Use Google+ hashtags

Hashtags are a simple tool for linking similar content. By adding the “#” symbol to the keywords in your document (eg #socialmedia), it will instantly tie it to similar content and enable people with an interest in the subject to easily find your post.

With each post I’d aim to include two or three hashtags around keywords to help maximise the exposure of your content. However, don’t be tempted to include lots of hashtags as it makes it hard to read and don’t be tempted to use popular hashtags if they aren’t relevant to your content.

  1. Share content with Google+ email option

Google+ has a very useful email option on each new post that allows you to send an email to selected contacts notifying them of the post.

This can be used for targeted marketing, enabling you to share quality content with key clients and ensuring your audience sees the post. It is a very powerful tool but should be used with caution. If you send every piece of information via email, people will quickly switch off.

This is a tool that should be used to encourage people to engage with your Google+ platform and to flag up particularly important announcements.

  1. Add Google+ Pages

Google+Google+ allows you to create individual pages for your business and any other related products or services. These are hugely useful as it not only enables you to claim your pin on the Google Map, but also allows customers to provide reviews and “follow” the page to receive regular updates.

Interactions with the page help to improve your rankings, build “social evidence” of the quality of your offer and also create new ways to communicate directly with customers.

  1. Join Google+ Communities

Much like the groups you find on most social media sites, Google+ communities are forums where like-minded people can share opinions and content around a specific subject. From what I’ve seen, Communities appear to be one of the fastest growing areas of Google+ and there are already thousands of individual groups discussing a wide range of topics.

It’s a great way to communicate with specific audiences, raise your profile and grow your following. They can also be a valuable source of information and if you have any further questions about Google+, the Google+ Help Community is worth checking out.

  1. Become a Google+ believer

At the start of my journey into becoming a Google+ “expert” I had serious doubts about the long-term prospects of the platform. However, Google continues to invest and the more I use it, the more I see the potential.

To date, there are around 1.5 billion Google+ accounts in the world, making it the second biggest social media platform. However, in reality, only 350 million are active because anyone with any exposure to Google’s products automatically has an account created.

That said, I am convinced that Google+ will eventually become the most popular social media platform in the world. It may not be in its current format, but there are two main reasons why I now feel able to make such a sweeping statement.

One is that Google+ is close to becoming a one-stop shop for all your social media needs, allowing you to manage personal and business interactions in a single location.

woman-241328_640The second reason is that Google is working its way into every aspect of our lives by investing heavily in “the internet of things”. The giant has already spent billions on internet-connected products for our homes and with things like fridges that can order fresh milk when you run out and heating systems you control with your phone already integrated into our lives, you can be sure Google will soon be present in every part of our existence.

Underpinning all of Google’s products is Google+. Soon, not only will it connect you with friends, family and colleagues, but soon it will also be connecting you to your coffee maker.

It’s a frightening reality, but one that also presents major opportunities. Google+ will grow and it’s important to get involved now.

If you have any tips you’d like to share about Google+ or would even like to join the debate about the death of privacy, please share your views in the comments box below.


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