The P&A Partnership announces jobs saved as Bridlington care home sold after 14 months in administration

2 February 2012 By Northern Lights

The P&A Partnership announces jobs saved as Bridlington care home sold after 14 months in administration image

Administrators have sold Afton Court residential care home, Bridlington, saving 16 jobs and ensuring the continued care of 19 elderly residents.

Chris White and Andy Wood of The P&A Partnership, who were appointed joint administrators of Afton Court Limited in November 2010, have sold the home to Tamby Seeneevassen, owner of East Riding-based Hexon Group of care homes.  

Commenting on the sale Chris White said: “We would like to thank employees who have supported us in our efforts to improve the home and keep it open.  It has been a particularly challenging administration because we have had to run the home on a day to day basis for 14 months and improve the quality of care for residents.

“When we took over Afton Court the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found several serious compliance issues during an inspection.  We took immediate steps to address these issues and we are pleased that a further inspection prior to the sale of the home reported a significant improvement in the quality of the home.”

Mr Seeneevassen’s Hexon Group owns care homes in Bridlington, Hornsea, Driffield and Filey.

The P&A Partnership is a leading specialist business turnaround and insolvency firm with offices across the UK and in London.  Their support for businesses includes restructuring, finance brokering, debt collection and selling assets.

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  • The administrators have done nothing to improve this care home and in the 14 months they have been there they have made tens of thousands of pounds. Neither do they mention the fact that the residents lives as the fire alarm system did not work. They also fail to mention the fact that the number of residents didn’t increase during the time they were there as they know nothing about care and were only interested in their fees which was substantial. This is just my opinion however but if anyone out there is inclined to disagree l would love to hear your thoughts.

  • • The improvement in the quality of care provided to residents by the Administrators and their team is clearly documented in the two CQC inspection reports prepared during the Administration period. Whilst the first inspection report highlighted nine serious compliance actions where action was immediately required in order to achieve compliance and four improvement actions which were recommended to maintain compliance, all these issues were inherited from the previous registered manager and the inspection report clearly reflects this. The second inspection report prepared during the Administration period highlighted no compliance or enforcement actions whatsoever and only two minor improvement actions to ensure compliance was maintained. The results of these inspection reports are self explanatory and clearly demonstrate the improvement in care standards.

    • The P & A Partnership have dealt with several Administrations of residential care homes in recent years. In the case of Afton Court, we were advised throughout the Administration period by a firm of industry specialist healthcare consultants with a wealth of experience in the sector. We worked closely with the consultants to ensure that the highest possible quality of care was provided.

    • The Administration process and ultimate sale of the business was undoubtedly in the best interests of the Company’s creditors as a whole and also preserved the employment of the Company’s staff and ensured continuity of care to the service users.

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