Three key priorities for dealing with COVID-19

23 March 2020 By Next-Up

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Gareth Healey has kindly allowed us to share this blog, which has great advice for anyone mentoring entrepreneurs or business leaders.  Written for marketing agencies but the points are worth thinking about for any organisation. 

Gareth says he’s spoken to and listened to many agency owners in the last week. All of them are struggling with the prospects and the realities of the current health situation and the resulting economic crisis. 

His overarching advice is to take action. Some industries and businesses will be able to sit back and give this a week or two to sink in. Nobody will be expecting good news, but they have time to take stock. In his experience, and talking to other agency owners, most agencies don’t have this time. Doing something is better than doing nothing. 

There are 3 priorities at the moment. Protecting your people, protecting your clients and protecting your agency 

            Read on for the detail behind each of these


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