What is the value of a newsletter?

30 July 2014 By Northern Lights

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What is the value of a newsletter?

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A carefully crafted company newsletter can be one of the most effective ways of communicating with customers and staff and, used properly, is an excellent way to win new business or sell more to existing clients.

However, they must be much more than a simple advertising sheet that just sells your products and services. Newsletters must add value to your contacts and enhance the working life of your team by sharing insights, offering advice and helping readers to work more efficiently and effectively.

A well-written newsletter is welcomed by readers and is one of the most effective ways of maintaining relationships and demonstrating your expertise. Northern Lights delivers a range of printed and email newsletters for clients, and here former journalist Ben Pindar shares his insights on the winning formula.

For help in developing and delivering your own newsletter, speak to Northern Lights communications director Ben Pindar on 01423 562400.

Are your communications covered for the holidays?

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Once again the summer holiday season is upon us and that means most businesses are now operating with a skeleton crew of staff. However, have you considered how your communications will be covered if the people responsible for promoting your brand have set off for sun-drenched shores?

All too often businesses are left ill-equipped to respond to media enquiries or a communications crisis during the holiday period and those all important online and social media platforms fall quiet because the one person with the passwords and the brief to maintain your profile hasn’t handed the role over.

Similarly, this quiet spell is known as the silly season and is an ideal time to grab your time in the spotlight and promote your offer as journalists scrabble for anything of news value.

Communications cannot take a holiday and Northern Lights offers temporary cover to manage your online brand and provide expert advice and guidance to any media enquiries or any crises that may emerge. If you’re concerned about communications cover, we can provide training, guidance or full support. Call 01423 562400 or email Ben Pindar for more information.

New series of workshops launched

Following the success of a new workshop helping individual business leaders to understand the nuances of social media and then use it strategically to target and win new customers, Northern Lights has responded to demand by creating a series of further training sessions.

In the first workshop in Harrogate earlier this month more than 20 businesses joined an intensive and interactive session on using Twitter and Google+ to promote their offer. As an added bonus, all those who took part also receive follow-up support to help fine tune their strategy.

The feedback from the session was hugely positive and all attendees have asked for further sessions on everything ranging from getting to the top of Google and online reputation management to presentation skills and media interview techniques.

Northern Lights communications director Ben Pindar says: “We already deliver in-house workshops with a range of major clients, but hadn’t offered these popular sessions for individuals. That has now changed and it means anyone can now access our expert insights in a cost-effective and accessible way.”

For more information on the future workshops and how to book, click here. If you would like to discuss organising an in-house training session for your business, speak to communications director Ben Pindar on 01423 562400.

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