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Business Services

Employees retiring in their 50s and 60s are younger and fitter than ever before.

They still have huge potential and value both to former employers and to their communities.

The biggest challenge is status change. One minute you are someone with a card that says what you are and suddenly you aren’t anyone.


“I spent years longing for spare time. When it arrived it wasn’t the dream I’d hoped.”


“Next-Up gave me ideas, confidence and a plan. I now have a great work-life balance and loving new opportunities.”


We can help employers & employees make the most of these skills – whether a year or two before they retire, as they are retiring or as alumni

You may want this as part of your employee benefits package, your CSR or just to do the right thing by your employees and community.  We help people find purpose in this next stage of their lives and use their skills imaginatively.

We have online and bespoke services to help employees with ideas, contacts, new skills and creating a plan.  See our services below - and call us if you want a package designed to meet your own needs and ideas.

Making unretirement work – self-help online programme

A licensed online programme, designed to be mobile friendly, to help any employee who is no longer looking for another full time job - but wants to use their skills, perhaps earn money but above all, make a success of this next stage.

They will be inspired with ideas from peers, learn new skills - from creating a new identity for themselves to making new relationships/contacts - and build a plan for the future.

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5 steps to planning Unretirement

Each licence includes

  • An online guide to fire imagination with tips and case studies from successful unretirees plus easy steps to build a plan of action
  • Online assessment tool to help focus ideas and priorities
  • Personalised summary of ideas and options
  • A series of videos to describe and support the planning process and assessment tool
  • Access to a library of webinars on topics ranging from how to offer help to a charity and making new contacts to using LinkedIn for new opportunities, starting a business and creating a new personal brand

Kickstarter Events

These interactive workshops and conferences are typically for more senior people - but can be designed for wider audiences. They inspire people to think beyond the non-executive director path and make useful new contacts.

We can partner you with other companies - which helps build new networks. We can also invite some of our own senior unretirees to open up opportunities. Individuals can invite clients and/or spouses/partners.

Of particular success is bringing young entrepreneurs to these events, with delegates and entrepreneurs learning from and helping each other. We will find the relevant entrepreneurs for your audience and brief and engage them.

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These events are designed to match delegate experience and ambitions and can include

  • Use your skills imaginatively – learn how to approach and offer help to charities, entrepreneurs and others
  • Be inspired by what others are doing – from a chief executive creating a gardening business to a lawyer mentoring start-up businesses
  • Meet young entrepreneurs looking for mentors, advisers, funding, sounding boards, project help
  • Use your network – creatively and building new ones
  • Create a new identity for a new life – changing from ‘I used to be’ to ‘I am now doing’ and using LinkedIn to promote and explain your relevant skills


Click below to see how an experienced generation helped young entrepreneurs and charities



Next steps for individuals

Personalised support for individual employees or partners as they leave 'corporate life' .

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  • Online assessment and one-to-one coaching to create and implement a plan
  • Inspiration and ideas beyond the traditional routes
  • Making introductions
  • Create a new identity for a new life – changing from ‘I used to be’ to ‘I am now doing’ and using LinkedIn to promote and explain your relevant skills
  • CV and LinkedIn writing – repackaging skills to be relevant to non-executive, trustee, consultant and other roles
  • Advice and help to build new networks and win roles or work
  • Practical support eg to become a non-executive director, consultant or start a business

Workshops and online programmes

We can run workshops and online programmes for your employees, or they can join our public events. 

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Workshops and online programmes

Examples include

  • A five-week programme of 90-minute sessions for up to 10 people who form a support group for each other. Topics include personal branding, using LinkedIn to win roles or work and creating a plan
  • LinkedIn and CV writing - webinars and workshops
  • How to be a consultant - webinars and workshops
  • Starting a business - webinars and workshops