Leeds Digital Festival 2020 – Tech Entrepreneurs + Mentors

There are a lot of experienced people who want to use their skills in unretirement. This event is to help entrepreneurs tap into this experience and their networks. Examples of issues and opportunities that you might want to discuss

• Expanding into new markets – experience of geographical locations

• Cash flow

• Raising finance – making your business ‘investable’

• Dealing with people issues

• Scaling up – delegating, bringing in systems and processes, recruiting the right talent

• Contacts and opening doors

Entrepreneurs will meet people who might mentor them long term – you can also discuss joining the Tech Mentors: Yorkshire scheme.

Victoria Tomlinson, chief executive of Next-Up, will organise a call with each entrepreneur in advance of the event, to agree challenges to discuss at the workshop.

More details and booking info at Eventbrite – click here