The Next-Up Conference

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This conference is for anyone looking to build a fulfilling career after corporate life.

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Most people want a portfolio which could include acting as non-executive director, trustee, consultant, advisor or mentor. But these are competitive markets. How do you stand out? A big issue is that anyone in an advisory role is increasingly expected to understand what the future of the world looks like. And that has to involve a familiarity with the digital age.

A leading headhunter says the non-executive directors who stand out are those who can add value in terms of changing markets, technology and spotting disruptions and threats coming over the horizon.

Sue Tyrer, of specialist non-executive search firm, The Orcid Partnership, is a speaker. She says, “This conference is an easy way for non-executive directors and advisers to keep up to date and demonstrate that wider interest and conversation when discussing non-executive roles with chairpeople.”

This day will…

  • Introduce you to entrepreneurs, charities and headhunters who are looking for your skills
    and experience
  • Include hot seat workshops, where one entrepreneur or charity will sit at each table and ask for your input on a burning issue
  • Bring new technologies to life from a business perspective
  • Give you insights into what chairs are looking for when appointing non-executives
  • Provide tips on how to adapt to working on your own in this continually evolving environment
  • Give you ideas to find a focus for a post-corporate life

The day is a combination of expert speakers, panel discussions and practical first-hand mentoring and advising tech entrepreneurs and charities, with plenty of time and opportunity to network with peers and meet non-executive search firms.

Introducing our keynote speakers:

Lexi Mills


Lexi Mills (Keynote Speaker)
Managing Partner at Shift6 & President of The Future of Search Foundation


Sue Tyrer


Sue Tyrer (Keynote speaker)
Co-founder of The Orcid Partnership

Jill Clancy


Jill Clancy (Keynote speaker)
Collaboration Consultant and Chair of BSI EMEA Impartiality Committee

Julian Horrocks


Julian Horrocks (Keynote speaker)
Former insolvency partner at Eversheds; Co-founder, Yorkshire Business Mentor

Bernadette Byrne


Bernadette Byrne (Keynote speaker)
Independent board adviser, thebigword, Director, Service Reality, Angel Investor

Panelists and entrepreneurs

During the day we’ll hear directly from 10 young tech entrepreneurs talking about the future of tech and digital from big data to virtual reality, voice search and social influencers, they will bring it to life.

Introducing our panel facilitator:

Steve Kuncewicz


Steve Kuncewicz (Panel Facilitator)
Partner at BLM, intellectual property/social media author & commentator

Simon Baratt


Simon Barratt
Director at Cooperative Innovations and GameMakers, augmented virtual reality in 20 years

Michael Henderson


Michael Henderson
Founder Risk Box on cyber security risks of the future

Danny Ingham


Danny Ingham
Digital partnerships, Polydor Records on blogger influencers and move away from ‘PR’

Emily McNicholas


Emily McNicholas
Tax and financial adviser for high tech start-ups

Zandra Moore


Zandra Moore
CEO, Panintelligence on data analytics for education & health

Lucy Rimmington


Lucy Rimmington
BBC producer and founder braveteaching, the Airbnb of teacher training

Jonny Ross


Jonny Ross
Fleek marketing, the future of voice search – Alexa and Siri

Richard Wood


Richard Wood
Founder Six & Flow on the future of conversational marketing

Morning Sessions


Coffee and networking

Victoria Tomlinson, Next-Up Founder & CEO
Future of NED’s and advisory roles


Hear the latest trends in big data, augmented virtual reality, voice search, blogger influencers and more – and how they are shaping our lives and business.


  • Simon Barratt, Cooperative Innovations and GameMakers. Specialist subject: Virtual Reality
  • Danny Ingham, Digital Partnerships, Polydor Records. Specialist subject: Influencer Marketing
  • Emily McNicholas, Tax and financial adviser to high tech start-ups. Specialist subject: Challenges of Tech Start-ups
  • Jonny Ross, Fleek Marketing. Specialist subject: Voice Search

Group 2

  • Michael Henderson, Risk Box. Specialist subject: Cyber Risk
  • Zandra Moore, Panintelligence. Specialist subject: Data analytics
  • Lucy Rimmington, BBC producer and founder braveteaching. Specialist subject: Marketplace platforms
  • Rich Wood, Six & Flow. Specialist subject: Conversational Marketing


Sue Tyrer, The Orcid Partnership

Aspirations to be a Trustee or Non-Executive Director? Hear from the experts what skills it takes to be credible and successful.

Afternoon Sessions

Lunch & Networking


Key take-aways from the morning sessions by Next-Up Members and Advisors


  • Jill Clancy, Collaboration Consultant and Chair of BSI EMEA Impartiality Committee
  • Bernadette Byrne, non-executive director, co-founder Voice of the Customer, investor


Practical mentoring and advisory experience

Offer your insight and expertise to tech entrepreneurs and charity leaders to help them overcome their real-life, real-time challenges. How can your skills and experience support them? During this fast-paced interactive session you will hear from your ‘Hot Seat’ guest and, working in table groups, have the opportunity to offer practical advice and ideas. And learn from others in the process!

These are some of the challenges looking for your insight and experience

  • “How should we grow – organically or seek outside investment?”
  • “How would you manage our big-name clients – we need to be assertive but keep them onside”
  • “Which industries could benefit from disruption? For instance, private banking? What are the traditional areas ripe for shaking up?”
  • “How can we build the knowledge of business leaders, and get them more involved, to understand the potential of tech eg voice search – so they can challenge and support their digital and marketing teams?”
  • “We want to expand geographically, but what’s the best way? Should we employ people across the UK or think of other ways? Would clients be happy to have meetings via video call?”
  • “The tech sector does a good job of making tech feel and sound more complicated than it actually is – how do we make it more accessible and relevant to you and other business leaders?”
  • “As we grow, we want to sell around the world. What should we consider, and how should we adapt, to meet the needs of different cultures?”
  • “What should we be doing to mitigate against the impact of Brexit?”


Real opportunities for delegates to get involved with charities and business start-ups.

Short, sharp pitches to the delegate audience from our Hot Seat guests looking for mentors, investors, trustees and other advice. Who would you like to work with? Take note and speak to them in person at the end of the day.

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