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Board members


The Chair of the Maggie’s Yorkshire Board is looking to expand the Board from its current six strong membership and is looking for new members to allow a few longstanding members to step back to more ambassadorial roles

The role of the Maggie’s Yorkshire Board is to support the Centre Head and the Centre Fundraising Manager through providing strategic input and oversight of fundraising activity; raising awareness of the centre and its activities; assisting in the development the supporter base; providing stewardship of significant benefactors; and generally supporting the centre team to deliver on its mission.

The Board meets six times a year either virtually or in the centre as guidelines permit and is joined at each meeting by the Centre Head and the Centre Fundraising Manager. The Board agenda typically comprises a review of the centre management dashboard, financial performance against budget, review of fundraising activities, future events and planned activities,

PR and marketing activity and any strategic operational or financial developments. Papers for the Board are prepared by the Maggie’s team and the Board Chair.

Outside of the Board meetings, Board members may provide ad-hoc support to the Maggie’s team in specific areas of their expertise or in connection with specific projects or campaigns. Collectively the Board will typically commit to supporting one major fundraising event each year to help underpin 20-25% of the annual fundraising target.

Skills required:

Interest is encouraged from anyone with whom the work of Maggie’s resonates, where their experience would align with the role of the Board and where their passion to make a difference would enhance its impact and effectiveness.

The role of Board member could therefore appeal to people from a wide range of backgrounds including experienced leaders from across the business world, professional services, public sector, the arts and academia. Finance, legal, marketing, PR, digital, HR and general management experience would all be relevant.

Board membership does not constitute a trusteeship or directorship with Maggie’s, which has a separate Board and governance structure, but is a voluntary advisory position governed by terms of reference agreed with the charity. The role carries no formal legal responsibility.

The Board works closely with the Maggie’s at a regional and national level. Maggie’s has a hugely positive impact on the lives of the people it supports. Sadly, one of the side-effects of the pandemic will be a legacy of a large increase of undiagnosed and late diagnosed cancer in the community and of disrupted treatment programmes. The need for the support that Maggie’s provides is only set to increase.

As both a new centre and one of the largest in the Maggie’s network, the Maggie’s at St James’s Hospital in Leeds has a key role to play in the provision of cancer care to the people of Yorkshire and is ultimately expected to support more than 30,000 visitors each year. Board Members in turn will play a vital role in enabling the Maggie’s team to meet this need and in doing so positively impact the lives of thousands of families affected by cancer across Yorkshire.

As part of a small but very close-knit team who care passionately about Maggie’s the personal enjoyment and fulfilment of being part of the Maggie’s family is significant. Becoming a Board Member and making a relatively modest commitment of time to Maggie’s enables a disproportionately positive impact on the wider community to be achieved and provides a learning and development experience with a unique and very special charity.


About the organisation:

Maggie’s is a national charity that provides invaluable support to people with cancer and their loved ones through its network of 22 unique cancer care centres located adjacent to the cancer wings at major NHS hospitals across the UK, including an award-winning new centre at St James’s Hospital in Leeds.

Freely available without an appointment, visitors to a Maggie’s centre can access a tailored programme of support across the spectrum of non-clinical care needs from emotional and psychological support to practical needs such as dietary and benefits advice. Maggie’s works closely with the NHS to compliment the clinical care it delivers and meets a very real need that the NHS is not able to address.

Contact email:

Martin Jenkins

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