Wanted: Voluntary CFO / Mentor for start-up challenger bank

Job Posted: 11 January 2022 By Next Up

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We are seeking a voluntary or non-executive CFO, mentor or advisor with financial services regulatory experience. Altruvault is a social enterprise start-up challenger bank working with its account holders to secure a stable financial future for everyone.

We need your help to establish the financial models required for the RPB under FCA banking licence application scrutiny. The ideal candidate will have experience in the RPB towards the new bank authorisation process, including but not limited to:

  • Business model and financials
  • Governance and risk management
  • Customer journey
  • Conduct risk assessment
  • Operational resilience
  • Policies, procedures and plans

About the Organisation

Organisation details

Welcome to Altruvault – the altruistic challenger bank.

We’re a private banking company who provides account holders with financial rewards to help them with increasing difficulties for fuel and food costs. By utilising traditional banking investment and revenue methods, combined with the advantageous lightweight digital banking technologies, Altruvault propagates revenue for regular customer payouts without disparity. In addition, we provide an investment and savings strand for those wishing to invest more. Our socialist approach assures that every penny held by Atruvault is propagated for the benefit of its shareholders – or regular account holders, as we work together towards a decentralised and secure future.

I’m Steph, the CEO of Altruvault. I’m from an information systems and internet security background, and have worked in GDPR, cyber security auditing, consultancy, high-level design and research of both large computer networks and microcontrollers.

Originally, the monetary propagator for Altruvault was designed to operate on a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). After months of modelling the prospective design and meeting with various business and application development consultants, it was decided that my utilising my specialism made a simple concept exceptionally complex and difficult to understand. As a result, the basis of Altruvault was changed to a challenger bank; a traditional and mature business model, but one which contributes to the needs of society rather than capitalise on it.

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