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Entrepreneurs & leaders of any organisation

500 mentors was launched at great speed, with the support of Leeds City Council, to help entrepreneurs and leaders (of any sector) in COVID-19 times.

Would you like free help to support you through these challenging times and beyond?  A lot of senior business people are offering to mentor and help you for free. They can be a listening ear, talk through practical issues, make introductions if useful and help you look at the long term and opportunities.

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Who is this for ...

Who can sign up to be a mentor?

Senior people coming up to retirement or recently retired – or still working with spare time. We suggest you offer mentees a free 45-minute Zoom session once a week – but agree what works with your mentee.

Who can sign up to be a mentee?

Any entrepreneur or business leader or leader from public/voluntary sectors who could do with someone to talk to and/or practical help. We suggest you have a free 45-minute Zoom session once a week but agree what works with your mentor. Ideas as to why you might want a mentor here.

One entrepreneur emailed to say, “As a result of (mentoring) I have created a cash flow projection for the next 3 months so I can focus on facts rather than feelings etc. He also helped me understand that everyone is going through this and normality has been thrown out of the window for everyone so not to worry!  This is a brilliant concept, thank you.”

We welcome feedback. This campaign and site were launched at incredible speed – days! We are still refining and tweaking it all to make it easy for you.

Contact sandy@next-up.com for help, feedback or ideas.

Here are some great case studies on the success of the mentoring platform

Atelier Rahman

Well Good


Faraday Drinks


Laboc Communications

And finally thanks to so many people for supporting this campaign. Of course, Leeds City Council, also NorthInvest, RSM, Tech Mentors: Yorkshire. Also our platform provider, my2be for their speed and helpfulness. And the dozens of networks and business organisations lending their support to the campaign.

Thank you – you are all making a difference.


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