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Peer Stories

Inspirational, informative and always insightful stories from our members

"A lot of people when they start out... greatly over value what they have to offer"

John Watson
Former MP, consultant with a non-executive portfolio

Ranjit Arora shares tips on finding consultancy work and trustee roles when you don’t have a strong network.

Ranjit Arora
Consultant and author of "Managing the Multi-Cultural College"

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"I say yes to things I would have once shied away from because I didn't really know who I was, and now I'm embracing the challenges"

Bernadette Byrne
Consultant; former company director; trustee

"Just as all other things on the high street, the business has had to evolve over time"

Sara Hughes
Independent retailer, selling a stylish collection of vintage and new furniture, accessories and other homeware

"Many students have decided to do a management degree... what we need to do is to make that come alive."

Professor Nigel Lockett
Professor of Entrepreneurship at Lancaster University Management School

"Starting is the hardest part. Be patient, and give yourself a break. Disassociate from the person your business has defined you as."

Elizabeth Jackson
Founder, Flowers From the Garden

"It's understanding what you bring to the party, and then packaging and delivering it"

Garry Honey
Leadership risk consultant

"The idea wasn't new... but I needed somebody to tell me I could start again."

Jules Gray
Chief executive, Corporate Faculty; and former head of executive programmes, Ashridge Business School

"I had invested a lot of time and effort into my career, and didn’t want to just stop"

Elizabeth Roberts-Harry
Dental Practice Owner

"Many people working in the charitable sector have enormous skills and passion... I have learnt so much from them"

Denise Jagger
Partner, Eversheds Sutherland; non-executive director, chair and trustee