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Peer Stories

Inspirational, informative and always insightful stories from people using their skills in 'unretirement'

Elizabeth Jackson, former chief executive of Directorbank, says she swapped her corporate stilettos for wellington boots and has never been happier.  The journey evolved over a few years.

Elizabeth Jackson
Founder at Flowers from the Garden

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"Self-publishing is very hard. 95% of people write a book and only 5% complete a book."

Douglas Adamson
Writer / Author

"It's a time of your life that can be full of challenges... maybe work defined you because it was all-consuming."

Annie Stirk
Food PR and marketing expert

Denise Jagger combines a portfolio of non-executive directorships with her role as client development partner for international law firm Eversheds Sutherland.

Denise Jagger
Partner, Eversheds Sutherland; non-executive director, chair and trustee

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"The biggest difficulty is the status change... you are someone, then suddenly you aren't."

Nimble Thompson
Non-executive director

A former director within the education sector, Richard Firth is now a successful consultant and charity trustee. Here, he shares his experiences of 'unretirement'.

Richard Firth
Former director of education businesses, consultant & charity trustee

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"It's made me really think about what I want to do, who I want to do it with, and how to be more direct in putting myself out there"

Jill Clancy
Consultant, founder of Jill Clancy Ltd

Nigel Wainman is a former partner with international accountancy firm RSM. Hear how he built his portfolio of trustee roles – including cold calling charities!

Nigel Wainman
Charity trustee and consultant

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"By getting into the minds of the people you are trying to help, you can also understand how they will value you in their organisation"

Jo Fletcher-Lee
Business growth consultant

"A lot of people when they start out... greatly over value what they have to offer"

John Watson
Former MP, consultant with a non-executive portfolio