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Peer Stories

Inspirational, informative and always insightful stories from people using their skills in 'unretirement'

"Leaving the law meant losing my identity and status"

Oliver Barnes
Former lawyer and artist

"Unexpectedly blogging about retirement was enormously gratifying"

Don Ezra
Author on retirement

"Don’t let anybody stop you from continuing working"

Margaret Bills
Clinical support worker and volunteer at prestigious cricket and football matches

"For the first time I feel I found purpose and really want to achieve change for people who experience bullying in the workplace"

Nicki Eyre
Founder, Conduct Change

"At one point I was only talking about my husband and his disability and I knew I had to do something for myself"

Jackie Martin
Carer and former cabin crew manager

"Make sure you know what you want to get out of a networking event"

Pat Billingham
EY alumna; portfolio of non-executive director roles

"Starting a business is like throwing a stone in a pond – then follow where the ripples take you"

Paul McCormick
Founder Opening City Doors

"When you have had a good business life, you will have a reservoir of knowledge which I think you have the duty to be able to share"

Douglas Adamson
Executive Chairman at Anthropods & Co Ltd and Chairman of the Trustees at Settle Stories

"If you really want to create a portfolio career, you need to have some security behind you"

Julian Rawel
Chief Executive Market Echoes

"What you valued in your professional career may not be the most important for a board role"

Pat Billingham
Former EY partner and non-executive director