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Peer Stories

Inspirational, informative and always insightful stories from people using their skills in 'unretirement'

"Volunteering gives me a buzz and adrenaline rush"

Barry Beckwith
Active volunteer

"I just didn't know where to go next"

Ranjit Arora

"After leaving Shell I was looking for a focus to do something"

Jim Pearson
Former manager Shell

"I am not looking for a career because I had this but I thoroughly enjoy part-time work and meeting people"

Pam Firth
Administrative support

"To stop work after a 30 year career in the fire service and do nothing is a real challenge"

Turan T. Turan
Founder and Director of Coldsmoking Cookery School

"Understand what executive search is"

John Watson
Former MP, consultant and portfolio of non-executive roles

"I found a great work -life balance"

Julie Gray, founder and chief executive of Corporate Faculty

"I didn't know where it was gonna go but knew I had skills to offer"

Paul McCormick
Founder Opening City Doors

"Being a magistrate gives me credibility and status"

Jo Fletcher-Lee

"Be aware of the difference between formal teaching and guest lecturing "

Julian Rawel
Chief Executive Market Echoes