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Next-Up Services for individuals

We inspire you with new ideas to use your skills, whether for paid or voluntary activities, and give you the tools to make your ideas happen

Next-Up Steps

Create a plan for this magical time of your life with 1-2-1 tailored personal support:

  • An online assessment tool to identify your priorities
  • 1-hour mentoring session to inspire you with new ideas and contacts, create a plan
  • Introductions where relevant

What's included: Assessment, inspiration, mentoring, plan and relevant introductions


Create a Winning LinkedIn Profile

Includes Next-Up steps at £299

Learn the tricks and tools of LinkedIn to build new relationships, be found for roles or business and become known for your expertise. We will write your profile and give you a plan to maximise your networks through LinkedIn.

A 90-minute individual session (conference call or in person) to:

  • Identify what you should highlight on LinkedIn – and how
  • Use keywords so you are found for relevant roles and business
  • Use LinkedIn strategically to build relationships, carry out research and win business or role
  • Become known for your expertise

What's included:  90-minute personal session, priority setting, networking plan and writing your LinkedIn profile  


Create a Winning CV

Includes Next-Up steps at £299

Do you need a CV for consultancy or non-executive roles? The language, focus and positioning of your skills need to be very different from your executive CV.

A 90-minute individual session (conference call or in person) to:

  • Identify your skills and experience in the context of roles you want – and that others are looking for
  • Shine a light on your influencing skills at board level
  • Write your CV with the relevant words and phrases that search firms are looking for

What's included:  90-minute personal session, priority setting, networking plan and writing your CV   


Combined CV & LinkedIn

Includes Next-Up steps at £299

A special combination price offer for our 'Create a Winning CV' and 'LinkedIn Personal Session' services. Everything you need to take your next steps. 


Workshop – Become a Successful Consultant

The essential half day workshop to establish, grow and refresh a successful consultancy.

Working with your peers we will help you:

  • Identify ‘the problem you are solving’ - this is the core to success
  • Create a personal brand to explain your business
  • The practical details - from HMRC and naming your business to the fees you should charge consultancy associations to get business
  • Use your brand online to win business - on LinkedIn, in blogs and elsewhere online
  • Maximise existing relationships and building new networks
  • Understand your strengths and build associate networks to fill your gaps
  • Associations and networks that will give you work
  • Create a plan for the first year

What's included:  Half-day workshop with your peers; focusing your offer; creating a plan


Successful unretirement – 4 week online programme

Join a new network with up to ten peers to support each other, online, over four weeks.  These 90-minute sessions will help you build a plan, create a strong personal brand for new activities and give you practical steps for networking – maximising existing networks and creating new ones. Each week we will focus on one area and this will build towards a plan by the end of week 4.

What's included:  Four 90-minute online sessions