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50+ careers

Next-Up are experts in 50+ employees. We help employers to maximise the value of 50+ workers, have difficult conversations and remotivate employees in their last years at work.

Why invest in 50+ workers?


Age Discrimination

When will you be accused of age discrimination?


Skills Shortage

Employers are overlooking a valuable talent pool and key solution


Age Shift

Multi-generational workforces are the future


Best Workplace

Cultivate a multi-generational workforce - be the employer of choice



More workers aged 50+ can increase productivity

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We're here to help you

Next-Up helps people plan for retirement

Ideas and inspiration rather than financial. We flip their apprehension to enthusiasm for the future, seeing opportunities for themselves. This opens up constructive discussions around succession planning; minimises ‘bad leavers’; and reduces mental health impact before and after retirement. Employees may become ambassadors and positive referrers for their former employers.

Business Benefits

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Skills & Talent Retention

Retain your talent pool who offer a lifetime of experience

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Succession Planning

Minimize business disruptions, foster a culture of career growth and development

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EDI Strategy

Create equitable environment for all employees

Work with us

Next-up Platform

  • 10 storytelling modules
  • Light touch homework after each
  • 200+ video stories
  • Create a plan as they go
  • Independent self-learning
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Next-up Workshops

  • 20 external speakers
  • Headhunter
  • Speaker panel
  • GP health session
  • Mentoring entrepreneurs
  • Skills sessions; new identity, LinkedIn, connections
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"Our program has changed partners outlook from less than 40% engaging with businesses after leaving EY to over 90%. Each one is contributing to our economy and enhancing their personal worth"

Liz Gray, EMEI partner transition leader, EY

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