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Peer Stories

Inspirational, informative and always insightful stories from people using their skills in 'unretirement'

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"You need less money than you think you do"

Caroline Black

Strategic Board Adviser

"I am juggling many hats and not necessarily have the right skills, so I love the help of professionals with legal, marketing, PR or IT skills"

Michelle Hayes

CEO, Resurrected Bites

"I remained interested in the company I worked for and the market I worked in and the people I served"

Jenny Ledgar

Founder and Managing Director at Jenny Ledgar Consulting Ltd

"Make sure you understand the value of the knowledge and the skills that you bring"

Vicky Pope

Editor in Chief, Royal Meteorological Society

"I wrote Tragedy & Challenge to spill the beans about British business at the moment"

Tom Brown

Author Tragedy & Challenge (https://amzn.to/3ufPR89)

"It’s important to keep up with contacts"

Joe Tulip

Former Detective Sergeant Merseyside Police serious crimes squad

"I took too much for granted about coming back to the UK and could have been more thoughtful and planned more – especially about building networks"

Andrew Moss

Former President of GKN China

"It’s best to be niche about who you are coaching – and the best opportunities are from your network

Bill Henry

Former PwC partner; coach, chair and non-executive director

"There are multiple options for people when leaving corporate life"

Clare Woodcraft

Executive Director, Centre for Strategic Philanthropy, Cambridge Judge Business School

"Retirement is a new beginning"

Jacquie Doucette

Podcast host, Beyond Retirement