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Re-think Retirement Podcast

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Re-think Retirement is an inspirational podcast for anyone in ‘unretirement’. If you are thinking about retiring, recently retired – or wanting to change direction later in your retirement, this is for you. On each podcast a guest shares their insights about this stage of life – honestly talking about some of the challenges but also giving you a vast range of ideas as to what you can do. Maybe taking your business skills to help charities tackle big issues; starting an art gallery; growing flowers for the wholesales market; a Michelin-starred chef starting an upmarket food wagon; mentoring younger generations or starting a business.

Some people want to play with their grandchildren, play golf or turn their garden into a haven. This podcast is for those who feel that may not be enough and have an unsettling feeling that they want more after working full time. On Re-think Retirement, you will meet others like you.

The hosts are Victoria Tomlinson, chief executive of Next-Up, and Trevor Hatton, Career Counsellor. They take you on a journey with their guests, sharing their own experiences and insights in the process.

The Re-think Retirement podcast will help listeners have a positive view of life beyond your current career. You will be inspired by some of the amazing ideas that are possible – and have ideas about how to do them for yourself. And hopefully the tips you hear will help you avoid some of the pitfalls others have made!