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Next-Up Services for Businesses

We run workshops and have an online platform to inspire and support your 50+ employees pre-retirement

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A wasted generation of talent?

For too long, employees have been expected to ‘glide’ into retirement. And for the door to close once they have retired. Instead, we help employees to be inspired and re-energised before they leave – and to be a resource in their retirement. How do we do this? By running workshops and our online platform which help the employee and their employer.

Why help employees pre-retirement?

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Value to employer

  • Solution for skills crisis?
  • Motivate employees in ESG initiatives
  • Positive client/customer/employee handover
  • Maximise value/energy/positivity
  • Prevent “deadwood”
  • Maintain skills
  • Support retirees
  • Mentors to younger generation
  • “Good exit”
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Employer brand

  • Positive impact on colleagues who remain
  • Employer of choice
  • Attract and retain quality employees
  • Doing the right thing for employees
  • Reputation “Best company to work for”
  • Minimize mental health issues
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Value to individual

  • Continue working for employer part-time/new roles?
  • Potential ambassadors for employer
  • Continued loyalty
  • Support for internal projects
  • Introduce contacts
  • Share skills with new / younger employees

Next-Up Workshops

We run workshops – in person, online, one-day, two-day and in modules. 15 to 30 people; or 100 people. Tailored to the sector and seniority of employees

  • Pre-work questionnaire
  • Meet 20+ unretired speakers – hobby business, portfolio, charity, angel investing, mentoring, writing and more
  • Understand mental impact of retirement; mental resilience
  • GP – healthy retirement
  • Session on mentoring entrepreneurs/charities. Reminds them of their skills
  • Dozens of videos – peers sharing their tips and insights and inspriation
  • New skills – new identity; new connections; using LinkedIn strategically
  • Recruiter/exec search on the reality of roles and how to get them
  • Build a plan
  • 1-2-1 coaching; help writing CV and LinkedIn profiles

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100% delegates recommend them to their peers
Motivated and inspired for the future
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Next-Up Platform

10 online modules, work through at own pace; light touch homework in between (eg talk to family) and build a plan as you go

  • Every module has videos of unretired peers with tips, insights and inspiration
  • Modules cover
    • Impact of 100-year life
    • Dozens of ideas
    • Mental and physical health
    • How to get jobs/roles
    • Sort out finances
    • Down-to-earth social media
    • Build a plan
    • Practical steps to test ideas and meet new people
    • Suggest ways to carry on working with employer – part-time, contract
    • Get involved with organisation’s ESG initiatives (zero carbon emissions to cyber security and #MeToo)

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Motivated and inspired for the future
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The Win:Win of Retirement for Employers

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Our workshops can be tailored to your employees

This video was from a workshop for partners in a professional services firm where partners mentored tech entrepreneurs – reminding the partners of their value to the outside world


“Too many senior people hang on because they can’t visualise a future. I want our partners to have an elegant exit. This isn’t compromise agreements and payouts, but having a positive idea of what they want next and a plan to get there.”

International head of talent development, global professional firm


“Age discrimination legislation is a nightmare. We tried to raise the issue of retirement with one manager. They burst into tears and rushed out of the room. We need new ways to get this right for our business and employees.”

Global head of head of inclusion and diversity, FTSE 100 corporate


“Once I announced my retirement, I became ‘the walking dead’. Clients wanted the new partner; colleagues wrote me off; I struggled to find anything worthwhile to do. Yet I was at the peak of my performance. The last year wasted my skills.”

Partner, international professional services


“Next-Up has achieved a transformation. The workshops are fantastic - 100% of delegates recommend them and they form support groups. It's a win:win for the firm and individuals. We have ambassadors for the future”

HR director, international law firm


The Win:Win of Retirement for Individuals

Win win of retirement for individuals
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