How can businesses use live video apps like Periscope?

31 July 2015 By Northern Lights

How can businesses use live video apps like Periscope? image

Back in April I talked about how Periscope could benefit business as it was launched to the world. This new live video streaming app from the people at Twitter allows anybody in the world to broadcast what they are doing live, simply by using a mobile phone to film events.

It’s proved to be a massive hit and you can watch anything from life-changing events as they happen through to someone sat on their bed on the other side of the world explaining why their cat should be elected the supreme overlord of the universe.

Here at Northern Lights towers we’ve been playing around with this new social media craze and, while opinion is a little divided, I’m blown away by the potential it offers. Granted there is some supremely dull and unbelievably bizarre content out there, but it turns everyone into a broadcaster and is instantly connecting people around the world.

More importantly, it also enables them to engage with you directly and I feel like we’re witnessing a major shift in the way we communicate.

But, how do businesses benefit from Periscope and how do companies seize on the opportunities presented by live video apps?

Show the world what you offer through your eyes

Periscope followers

There are plenty of blogs and videos out there explaining how to use Periscope and grow Periscope followers, but I thought I’d look at the steps businesses can take to generate new business leads and engage with customers through these new platforms.

Success in social media is all about engagement and this new service enables you to directly communicate with your target audience. Not only do you help people to understand who you are, but you can demonstrate your expertise, answer questions and cement relationships that can be turned into lucrative partnerships.

For just a few minutes a day or week in front of your phone, you can reach out to a global audience and tell them exactly why they should come to you with their business.

Periscope’s slogan is “see the world through someone else’s eyes”. Let your customers see the world through your eyes.

Here are a few simple ideas to help you get started with Periscope and grow a following among your customer base.

1.  Use Periscope to share your insights and demonstrate expertise

It’s the basics of blogging, but you can do short broadcasts talking about your experiences, insights and opinions on issues that are affecting your customers.
By offering some sound advice, answering questions as they come through during the broadcast and really demonstrating why you are the best at what you do, you will quickly become a trusted source for advice and business.

2.  Stage live interviews or behind the scenes tours of your business

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Really let your customers get to know more about the business and the people who work there. By speaking to leaders within the business or those who work behind the scenes to deliver the product, it enables customers to build more of a bond with the brand and create a greater sense of loyalty.

3.  Run live support or Q&A sessions with a live video app

Answering customer questions is a key element of understanding your market and shaping your future strategy.

By staging a regular weekly session that allows people to join the Periscope session and ask questions around a specific topic or just seek support for issues around your product or offer, you deliver fantastic value and further enhance your relationships.

Crucially, you’ll also get valuable feedback on your current offer and will get great insights on how to improve or create new opportunities.

4.  Stage live product demonstrations or seek feedback on the future

Another key element of the Periscope service is the ability to physically show the strength of your product or service with a live broadcast of it in action.

Crucially, you can also crowdsource responses to any new ideas you have by seeking feedback from the audience, allowing you to test out anything from new logos to a completely new direction for your business.

5.  Showcase your corporate social responsibility credentials or celebrate in successes

Showing the values behind your business is another important element of building client relationships and Periscope has created a perfect channel for broadcasting events like charity cycle rides, volunteering in the community or even staff awards to help demonstrate the quality of people in your business.

Periscope allows you to engage with customers

In a world where our attention spans are shrinking due to the constant bombardment of information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to grab your customer’s attention.

Some will argue that Periscope is just another distraction. However, I say that video is arguably the most powerful medium and a short and regular broadcast will not only give you greater impact, but it will also allow you to deliver one of the key ingredients of social media – customer engagement.

You will undoubtedly believe in the quality of your offer – if you don’t, you need to rethink your business strategy – and Periscope now enables you to show customers around the world exactly what you see through your eyes every day.

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