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26 April 2012 By Northern Lights

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Helping housing sector realise the potential of social media

Is the social housing sector being over cautious in not embracing social media?  Members of The Guardian’s housing network certainly think so.  In February a poll of Guardian housing network members revealed that 83 per cent do not think the housing sector is realising the full potential of social media.

A month after this poll Northern Lights held a small workshop with CEOs and other senior directors of several Yorkshire-based housing associations.  We looked at the challenges and opportunities that social media brings to the sector.  There was an overwhelming feeling in the room that housing associations can no longer ignore social media: there needs to be a shift in culture at the top of organisations both to understand and use it effectively.   Read more

If you would like to talk to us about organising a social media workshop for your organisation, training for your employees, developing a social media strategy or crisis communications plan then please contact us on +44(0)1423 562400.


Welcometraining and Northern Lights PR

Victoria Tomlinson has become a director of Yorkshire based Welcometraining, which helps businesses to grow by training and delivering outstanding customer service and developing marketing skills.

Denise Howard, fellow director of Welcometraining, said:  “Customer service is intrinsically linked to social media these days.  Increasingly people tweet about their food or service even while they are waiting to be served!  And I’ve done it myself – when I was at my wits’ end because I couldn’t get through to a call centre, I went onto Twitter.  I got a response in ten minutes!

“Social media is a great opportunity to add to the customer service experience – but it is also a massive risk and can go viral in seconds if handled badly.  By bringing Victoria’s expertise to work alongside ours, we can offer our own clients considerable skills in customer service and training.”


Northern Lights’ Dubai office

Many thanks to all those who contacted with advice, support and contacts for doing business in Dubai.

If we can help your business in Dubai or to look at export markets, please do contact us.


Marketing group – data protection seminar

Northern Lights runs its own support network for in house marketing, PR and communication people from our clients and contacts.

Our next event will be a data protection seminar in collaboration with The Grammar School at Leeds on Monday 11 June at 6pm at the school.  The law on managing and using databases is changing with implications for marketing activities.  A data expert will talk about the changes in regulations and answer questions. 

If you run an in house marketing or comms team, or if you are a director with the responsibility for communications or marketing please contact Carol Arthur to find out more about the data protection event and our network. You can ring her on +44 (0)1423 562400 or email her on

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