Keeping an open mind

18 September 2009 By Northern Lights

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draculaIn communications you have to keep an open mind and keep moving on.

The media only want what is new and different. Technology is forcing the pace of change. And in our business we can never afford to dismiss the latest gadget or new ‘thing’. Instead we have to ask why is it appealing and who is it appealing to?

Tim Smit of the Eden Project has a number of off-beat management rules. One of these is that once a year all his managers must go to some kind of cultural event outside their comfort zone – and write a great review.

At the time I thought this was inspired and last night I saw why this is so important.

I have recently been invited onto the board of Northern Ballet. The sort of ballet I love is what most of the public also think they want – gorgeous music, fluffy tutus and a story I know.

Out of duty I went to Dracula dreading it would be everything I hate – miserable, blood and gore, gloomy.
How wrong I was! The costumes were stunning – vibrant silks with delicate lace. The dancing was powerful, beautiful – and highly erotic. David Nixon, artistic director, chose a number of pieces of music that were glorious, melodic and uplifting – and then crashed when you least expected it, adding to the emotional picture.

I was raving. My guests were raving. And everyone else in the theatre was raving.

A fantastic evening from the most unexpected quarter!

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Written by Northern Lights