London and Dublin crisis events to help corporates deal with euro collapse

11 December 2011 By Northern Lights

London and Dublin crisis events to help corporates deal with euro collapse image

If the euro collapsed what is the impact on your business?  That is the question credit and finance heads from some of the world’s leading companies, will be asking at euro crisis events in London and Dublin this month.

Global corporates including Apple, Microsoft, Sony, L’Oreal and Pfizer, are among companies attending the two “Trade Through the Euro” events on December 13 and 19 to discuss how to tackle the impact of the euro zone crisis on trading internationally.

 The events are being organised by Laurie Beagle, divisional director of P&A Receivables Services Plc, who chairs 12 sector specific international credit forums.

 “Our forum members are increasingly alarmed at what is happening in the Euro zone and what the implications for them are if the euro collapses.  While some companies have already set up internal task forces to tackle the challenges others are looking for expert advice.  At the events economists and insurers will examine the trading risks for non euro countries and we will be helping businesses draw up contingency plans.”

 The first event is at Experian’s London offices on 13 December followed by a second event at Google’s Dublin headquarters on 19 December.  They are supported by Experian, CreditCraft and Tower Associates International.

Credit or finance managers and directors who would like to attend should email   More information is available at

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Written by Northern Lights