The death of Google Authorship

30 September 2014 By Northern Lights

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Google AuthorshipWhat should businesses do?

Three years after creating Google Authorship to link content back to the original author and help improve search engine rankings, Google has announced via Google+ that it is dropping the much-loved tool.

Northern Lights associate Jonny Ross, of Jonny Ross Consultancy, has previously written about the benefits of Google Authorship on this blog and now says he feels duped by the search engine giant.

In his latest blog, Jonny looks back on a system that helped to level the playing field for small businesses online and asks why Google felt the need to axe Google Authorship and where does this leave business owners?

Most importantly, he asks what businesses should do now Google Authorship has been removed from Google search?

To read the blog, click here.

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Written by Northern Lights