Well Good

Founder, Well Good

3 February 2021 By Next-Up

“The advice I’ve had from the Next-Up mentoring site is of a much a higher and specific quality to what I’ve had before”

Adam McNichol is the founder of Well Good, an early stage start up, developing a product that helps prevent mental health crisis, by utilising data and augmented intelligence. He signed up to the Next-Up mentoring site in July 2020.

He was on an online session where Victoria was a panellist and he thought the approach was a good one, unlocking all the experience and skills from those who have time in their unretirement to help entrepreneurs like himself.

Also, Adam’s Dad was a consultant who helped people to have fulfilling post retirement careers where they helped the next generation, so the Next-Up mentoring site fitted well into this outlook.

Adam was approached by Mike Cripps, who was able to give support around the financial development of his start up Wellgood.io.

Adam says, “Mike provided clear guidance on what I needed to do to attract the kind of investment I want for this business. The advice I’ve had is of a much a higher and specific quality to what I’ve had before. It appears to be of much more value, and if it gets us the investment we need then it will be huge.”

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