Online workshops – great success & our new podcast

10 February 2021 By Victoria Tomlinson

Online workshops – great success & our new podcast image

1. Online workshops – great success

 We have a busy spring ahead, running online programmes for partners coming up to retirement at legal and accountancy firms . We are running one-day workshops – with partners from across Europe – for some, with others deciding on two-hour workshops over a few weeks and with homework in between.  Both formats are really successful – we are getting outstanding feedback.
We are working with clients to run workshops in Asia/Pacific and the USA where cultures lead to slightly different options.
We are having wide-ranging discussions with corporates and other professional firms – particularly around creating community ambassadors for corporates.  We would love to talk to your firm or company.  Contact Victoria Tomlinson

2. Listen to our Re-think Retirement podcast – and please share!

We are delighted to find a new way to share the stories of people using their skills in a host of ways in unretirement.  We have launched a podcast!
Victoria Tomlinson (chief exec, Next-Up) and Trevor Hatton (career counsellor and associate of Next-Up) jointly interview our guests.
Thanks to the wonderful Layla Painter for guiding and shaping our podcast – we couldn’t have done it without her.  Layla was a radio editor at the BBC so we are honoured to have her skills.
Listen to our first podcasts

  • Victoria and Trevor share their thoughts about unretirement
  • Rob Toguri – the joy of getting involved with a social mobility charity, Envision  

We have a long list of fantastic people lined up – but if you want to suggest anyone or think your unretirement would make a good story, please get in touch!
Go to our website to listen or Stitcher, TuneIn, Itunes or PodBean and look out for availability to subscribe or download the podcast on Google in a few weeks.

3. Next-Up mentoring platform

We cannot thank enough the mentors who have registered on our free mentoring site to offer support to entrepreneurs and students. The stories of how you are making a difference continue to roll in – read some of these to be inspired                                                                            

 Our thanks to Leeds City Council and my2be for continuing to support this initiative so we can keep helping others.  We are also plotting to find ways to fund this in a major way, long term.
If you would like to be a mentor, please do sign up – or if you want a mentor. One or two newly appointed NEDs have approached mentors to ask for guidance in their new roles. Anyone can ask for help from anyone!

4. Be the Business

Victoria is a newly appointed Fellow of Be the Business, a government/private sector initiative to support smaller businesses, especially around productivity.  There may well be opportunities for our unretired generation to be mentors and involved in other ways.  Watch this space.

5.  New mentoring opportunity

Would you be a mentor to help people who’ve been pushed or pulled into self-employment?  Trust Leeds is a small charity providing micro finance and building a network of self-reliant groups.
To find out more, join a Zoom session on Wednesday 12 May, 12 – 2pm and members will present their ‘business lift speech’. 
For more information or an invitation, contact Liza Kellett on or 07957150018.

6. New resources for you

 A selection of new material on our website that could be of interest/help

We were delighted that Victoria’s letter to the FT was chosen as one of their Letters of the Year (The old are more of an asset than a liability). Modern Lawyer also published her major article on the need to rethink retirement (this is a free link).
We have three new roles posted on our Job Board – Theatre Royal, Wakefield; Emmaus Bradford; and LIFEbeat. It is free to post any jobs or requests for help here.
Wishing you all a safe and successful year ahead. We are optimistic about the future!

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Written by Victoria Tomlinson

Victoria Tomlinson is chief executive and founder of Next-Up. Next-Up supports employers with a range of services for directors, partners and employees to help them understand the impact of retirement on mental health and create a plan to use their skills and experience in new ways to ensure wellbeing. A key part of our role is to inspire people with ideas and contacts, beyond traditional expectations. A former director of EY, she is an international speaker on unretirement, personal branding and using LinkedIn strategically as well as on leadership and women on boards. She mentors chief executives and directors, start-up businesses and ex-offenders. Victoria is Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University and chaired an advisory board for University of Leeds.